Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
© 2008. All Rights Reserved.

It's time that words were spoke
Even if for the last time
I will not carry on this way

If there's nothing left
Except things you've forgotten
I want to say that I recall

You lay down your armor
And long ago I lay down my shield
But barricades have since rose
And we have left mines out in the field

So we must take care where we tread
And can't dwell too much now on those days
Though there was much that we shared
In the end, everything decays

But does a concealed flicker ever come
To your mind and does it make you smile?

Now we've passed that edge
Everything's fallen apart
But there once was a time

And now you don't want that life
You say it's a different land
But there's something lost I crave

And secretes no one else knows
Were bonds we forged in a different age
They're sure to fade as we move
Towards a new world now or a new cage

But if I reached out and spoke
Words only you and I conceive
Would you turn back to see
Or is it too late now to retrieve?

Cause a concealed flicker still comes
To my mind and it makes me smile