Hello Sarah

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
© 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Hello Sarah, it's been forever
10 years ago we sat together
Back in school
Long ago

I don't know if you recollect
Yesterday I did reflect
I thought of you
And those days

I came across your number and your name
Always wondered what you'd became
So I called
How are things?

I thought that we might get together
Have some drinks and just remember
The old days
Old days

... The old days ...

Oh you're married, that's great
No it wouldn't be a date
No just friends
That's all I meant

And me? No, I'm single as of late
But I'm glad you've a soul mate
How very nice
How nice

Are you happy in your marriage?
I wouldn't mean to disparage
But I hear things slow
So I'm told

Oh Sarah that wasn't meant to offend
I was just wondering as a friend
How things were
How things are

... How things were ...

Well I'm glad to hear you're happy
And me? Oh I could not be
More content
Things are grand

Have I thought about you often?
Hardly at all, almost forgotten
Until today
Or maybe yesterday

Catching up sure has been great
Look at the time, it's getting late
I should go
You take care

Tell your husband I say hi
And that he's a lucky guy
All the best
You take care

... The best ...

Have I thought about you often?